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April 6, 2009
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Making the Techno Mime pt1 by PHUZface1 Making the Techno Mime pt1 by PHUZface1
BEHOLD! Another new story line! I've decided to make my Techno Mime costume into a machine-human-squid monster experiment in a very weird little take on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." Just bear with me on this, folks...

Apparently, the Techno Mime is my character(Dr. Compsonstein)'s attempt at making the perfect being out of machine components, the body parts of mimes, and the bioluminescent genes of a very cute vampire squid from hell. Here, I and Marney are constructing the TM's mechanical spine and hips, which are made of tuning forks and stereo woofers. The TM is indeed going to be a huge conductor of sound and waves of all kinds.

I'm getting excited!:excited: It's fun to work on fun fun.
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VinnieVincentChente Jul 2, 2009
this is awesome :iconimhappyplz:
PHUZface1 Jul 3, 2009  Student Artist
Thanks so much! It took so much effort, but I think it's one of my very best works.
Haha, I love this! The details you put into this are fantastic! :lol:
PHUZface1 Apr 11, 2009  Student Artist


Thank you! I can't wait to make a comic outta it:heart:

Y'got quite a lovely drawing there, my friend. The expressions are quite lulzy. MARNEY IS ALWAYS THE BITCH. >8U

The robo-spine looks particularly pimp, if I do say so myself.

Bioluminescent animals are so amazing, Vampire squids in particular. They're like goth kid christmas trees. <3
PHUZface1 Apr 7, 2009  Student Artist
I can't help it:lol:

It was really fun to work on this drawing, so I'm sure more shall follow.XD And yes, Marney shall be my bitch for all eternity.


Oh man that spine. I thought it would be much more of a bitch than it was. I actually had some fun torturing myself with little robotic details. It definitely made all the difference, I thinky.

MY GOD THEY ARE.*hump* When I first saw vids of vampire squid, I was mesmerized. So fuckin pretty, and so fuckin cute:heart: I love how it pulls its little cloak over its head when frightened.
AND GOTH XMAS TREES FTW!!!:laughing: I love you.:heart:
Eralynia Apr 7, 2009
This is great! The TM reminds me of the intro cyborg animation in Ghost in the Shell.

I love your expression and goggles! The TM-in-progress also looks very neat. I like the painted-on mustache!
PHUZface1 Apr 7, 2009  Student Artist
It does sorta have that cyborg quality. I'm so glad u like it! There shall be moar to come, I'm pretty sure of that. Hopefully they can measure up.
Eralynia Apr 8, 2009
Hee hee. I like how the detailed realism of the technological aspects contrast with the stylized simplicity of the organic ones (the characters). The facial expressions are priceless, as always!

Poor Marney! Now he'll have TWO of you to deal with! *cringes* However different they may be...
PHUZface1 Apr 8, 2009  Student Artist
I'm glad u pointed that out to me- because it's a bit ironic. A lot of stuff is going into the creation of this cybernetic character, it's full of odd complexities and several different objects. It's like making a character as a comic artist: u put a lotta work into someone's backstory, and the work is all conceiled by an abstracted epidermis when "brought to life" on a page.:lol:

I'm so glad I still got it with facial expressions!:D And as for Marney, it's his lot in life to be abused.;p But actually, the Techno Mime won't be like me in disposition- quite the opposite, actually! The TM and Marney actually get along very well together. But I won't be happy about that...
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